Event information

Registration for 2022
The registration for 2022 race opens Sunday 8th of August at 6pm: https://holvi.com/shop/ultrasportshop/section/kilpailut/

Schedule and location
The race starts on Friday 1st of July 2022 at 6pm at Solvalla national sports institution in Espoo (address: Nuuksiontie 82, 02820 Espoo) 
Location on Google map

You can reach the event location either by car or by using a public transportation.
There is public transportation from from Helsinki airport or Helsinki city center. Take either train E or U from Helsinki city center to Espoon Keskus and from there to Solvalla take bus 245A.

From Helsinki airport it takes about 40 minutes with a car to reach Solvalla.

Race HQ
All the necessary facilities are at the race HQ or close to it. From the figure below you can find where these facilities are located.

We follow the original Backyard Ultra rules. There might be some mandatory equipments like headlamp during night but these will be informed later.

The route
The route is 6,706 km, so it will be 100 miles in 24 hours. There is a separate route for day and night. The day route is a loop whereas the night route is a "out and back" route.

The day route is about 95 % trails and the rest is part of the sports field at the HQ. About half of the trails are easy and looks very much like in the picture below. The rest is a single track and requires more attention while running. The total elevation gain is about 80 meters per loop.

Day route

The night route is about 25% easy trails and the rest is paved asphalt road. The total elevation gain is about 50 meters per loop.

Night route
Below you can find a few pictures from the route.

Easy trails

Food service
You will be served vegetable soup during the race, porridge in the morning and other snacks and juice during the race.
We recommend you will bring some own food and drinks, too.

The prizes will be announced later

The winner will be nominated as the Backyard Ultra Finnish Champion, including fame and glory being the winner of Nuuksio Backyard Ultra!

We have a special price rooms at Solvalla sports institution. If you want to book a room, you should book it directly from Solvalla.  For the reservation, please solvalla@folkhalsan.fi. Please refer to "Nuuksio Backyard Ultra" for the special rate.

During the race, there will be a limited space for own tents and camping gears at the event location.

Participant info
We would like to introduce all the runnes in our webpage and facebook page. We wish a photo and a short biography from all the participants. You may use your own name or a "nickname" or a "totem name". Let us know, which name you want to be printed in the bib. You can check the 2021 Stories of the runners.

Participation fee
The participation fee is as follows:
Before the end of August 2021 - 95€
Before the end of December 2021 - 115 €
After that - 135 €
The number of the participants is limited.
All the prices include VAT.

In case of the cancellation, you may sell your participation to some one else. No refunding.

Participants will receive further information later. Please check your FB-pages also.

For further information please ask mikael@ultrastanleypark.com


  1. Moikka, my start place is for sale because of injuries and the moving to Norway sooner than planned..
    Mail: remcoschellingerhout@live.nl


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